Upcoming events:

Brier Rigby Dames will be presenting work related to translating time at the Fossils to Mind Workshop November 30th to December 1st. Link here 

Jared Schwartz is planning to present work related to translating time at The Experimental Biology meeting in April of 2022. 

The Society for Neuroscience in 2021:


   We presented our work at a the Society for 

Neuroscience in 2021. Here is one of our posters

that integrates transcriptional and structural

variation to study the evolution of connections

in the human brain. Here is the preprint.





Past recordings:

We presented our work at a Gradients of Brain Organization, (organized by the Human Brain Mapping and McGill University) in 2021. Link here. 

We also presented our work at a virtual presentation held at the Montreal Neurological Institute in 2020. Link here

Recent news articles!

Our work on chimpanzees was

recently highlighted across

international news outlets.

It essentially addresses the

how old a chimpanzee  is in

human days.

The Academic Times


Radio Centro (Spanish)  

Futura Sante (French)

Diario Financiero (Spanish)

Viruji (Spanish)

Yahoo! News (French)  

Here is the reference to the article: Charvet CJ. 2021. Cutting across structural and transcriptomic scales translates time across the lifespan in humans and chimpanzees. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 288: 20202987.