There are many opportunities in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn! Please send your CV and let us know you are interested in joining!

Our mission as a lab is to do impactful and meaningful work that moves our understanding of neuroscience forward, and sets new boundaries of inquiry.

As educators, we are ideally situated to impact societal issues. We have focused our efforts on creating and growing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. 

We have large amounts of newly generated data to analyze. We are seeking individuals interested in the analysis of sequencing and neuroimaging datasets. These are great opportunities to learn across the fields of genetics and neuroimaging, and to gain computational skills, which can be used to advance many career paths. 

Animal Kingdom

Principal investigator:

Contact Dr. Christine Charvet


College of Veterinary Medicine

Auburn, AL

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University offers a PhD program, which focuses on using biomedical tools to enhance animal and human health.

We also have an MRI center housing a 7T scanner


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